Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Full Laundry Basket.

I was reading a friends blog and she had written about 2 of her daughters "leaving the nest" this week. She mentioned that for a few more days, the laundry baskets would all be stuffed full. That comment really stuck out to me. Laundry is one of the top chores that I complain about. There is just SO MUCH of it! Seems like every time I do mountains of it, and am super satisfied to see those empty baskets, they are filled again by the end of the day! But what struck me was that having those baskets full, means having my house full. It means that I have my babies at home today. None of us know how long we will be here so for today (at least=0) ) I will be grateful for my stuffed laundry baskets!

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Results Are In!

And overall, they were GOOD!! The Dr. said that the initial biopsy definitely came back positive but the results on the second set of stains came back clear! So what we believe happened, was that during the initial biopsy, everything that had gone bad was actually taken out. I'm telling myself that the surgery was necessary to make sure the margins were absolutely clear because so much was taken out, and there was so much pain, it had better of been for something! The scenario my Dr. came up with is that most likely, the "lesion" had just begun to change and turn into the cancer. When I thought about that for a bit, I realized that God was definitely watching out for me. I had that lesion for over four years! And right about when it started to go bad, I finally felt the "need" to go get it looked at. I do feel very blessed!

Now I have the steri-strips on for about another week or so. Then it will be on to scar treatment and a follow up appointment in 3 months. I am feeling a bit shaken up and am trying to place exactly why since it was overall really good news. I know in part it is because of the high recurrence rate of that type of cancer. And it's in part that I actually HAD cancer inside of me. I know I will be okay, just shaken right now. Shaken, but super grateful to be on the other side of this for now.

Thanks again for those who prayed, emailed, called and showed their support in so many ways. THANK YOU! Knowing that you have so many people there for you, especially in times like these, is truly amazing!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"I Don't Want Those Chinese to Win!"

This year we have gotten into watching the Olympics. It's been really fun and even the kids are enjoying the games, especially Tyler. This past weekend we pretty much left them on all day. Tyler came over at one point to watch when the Women's Beach Volley Ball match was on. Craig and I were fixing dinner when we noticed Tyler grumbling under his breath. He was saying "Come on USA, you can do it!" and then when the girls from China scored he yelled "I don't want those Chinese to win!!!" When the USA ended up losing, we had some explaining to do and had to actually console the little guy he was so out of sorts about it! Here's to the USA and all those amazingly talented Olympians out there! Even the little guys are pulling for ya!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ten Amazing Years!

Yesterday Craig and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. Really hard to believe that so much time has already passed. We spent a wonderful day together in San Diego half of which was kept a surprise until it happened.

The day began with a dozen beautiful red roses, powdered donuts and a card. We had a leisurely morning, my mom came to watch the kiddos and we headed out for our day...just the two of us...the way it was 10 years ago. We ate lunch at the Cheese Cake Factory when we first got down there. Then we went and saw "The Dark Knight", which by the way, was an excellent movie! We then drove down to Coronado Island, and to the Hotel Del Coronado. We walked around for a bit and stopped to give one another a gift. Craig had been giving me gifts throughout the day and his goal was a gift for each year of sweet! All things that he knows I love. My gift to him was our wedding album. All these years we have just had a proof book, so I secretly had the negatives enlarged and put together an album capturing our special day!
Thankfully he was surprised and we both enjoyed looking through those memories made ten years earlier.It was then time for our dinner at one of the Hotels restaurants 1500 Ocean. Super fancy!

From there came my last surprise. A beautiful hour long Gondola ride at sunset! What a way to end the night!
The weather was perfect, we were able to snuggle up and were even serenaded! I am so thankful for such a wonderful day to be together. I am SUPER thankful for a man that loves me so much and that I adore in return. I am thankful for God's protection on our marriage. That even though we married young, we still have a strong relationship ten years later. I'm thankful for our life together, the beautiful children we have created and for the days and years to come! Thank you Craig for choosing me, for completing me. I love you!

Not Much of An Update....

It's been a week and a half since the surgery. I was supposed to know the results by now, but still nothing. It's hard to wait. Even harder now that the allotted time to find out has come and gone. My patience are wearing thin. It's been over a month now of waiting for results and I am ready to be done with the waiting. I'll call on Monday and see if I can find anything out and hopefully I'll be able to know sooner then later. Thank you everyone for your prayers, it has gotten me this far! Hopefully they will carry me the rest of the way!

And for those wondering what it looked like under the is a lovely photo! Craig really thought I should post it...look away now if you don't want to see it...oops too late!=0)

Thank you again for your prayers!