Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Alexis at 19 Months

Alexis turned 19 month a few days ago. I have been having a very hard time finding even a few minutes to write her monthly blog, so I'm just going to dive right in!

*My poor little girl has yet another ear infection. Seems that I am reporting this nearly every month now. As a result, the Dr did say that if this one doesn't go away, or she gets another one in the next month, she's going to need surgery. This makes me so nervous and sad. Zachary did have tubes put in, and they did help tremendously, but I really want to avoid putting her under! A friend did suggest blocking the water from getting in her ears during bath. She did this with her daughter who was having chronic ear infections and there was a huge improvement. So the ear plugs will be going in during bath and this gives me a spark of hope!

*I was surprised to find that she barely weighed 21 pounds with her clothes on. I guess I shouldn't have been since she's still in size 3 diapers that do not seem to be getting any snugger.

*She has been boycotting almost all the foods that she used to eat. I'm so bummed about this because she was just shaping up to be my best eater yet! She takes her food and chucks it on the floor and then just stares you down. We now have another one to do the food battle with and I'm not sure I have the strength left in me to go for round 4!! (I'll find it somewhere for her sake!)

*She absolutely loves to play! All day long moving from toy to toy. She is so good at playing on her own. She babbles along while she plays with a doll or one of her new favorites this month "The Little Einstein's Rocket". She has so many toys to choose from being the 4th child and she sure does enjoy them! It's really cute to watch her.

*If you had told me during the first months of her life that she was going to be an amazing sleeper....I would have laughed. Seriously. But she is such a good sleeper now! She will even ask for it sometimes by grabbing her blankie, going over to her crib and saying, "Nigh, Nigh? Nigh, nigh?" When we put her down for naps and bedtime she almost always, very willingly, goes right to sleep. Sigh. It's awesome!

*She's doing better with leaving her hair ponies in. She will almost always instantly rip them out in the car but while out and about she usually will leave them in for awhile. When I put them in I tell her how pretty and beautiful she looks and she seems good with that! The other day she grabbed a bow and asked me to put it in....made my heart happy! I'm so enjoying having a girl!

*She still likes to say "hi" to all the friends that are up on shelves along the top of her walls. We say hi to the bears, and then the other bears, and then to each one of her princess dolls who she loves me to say by name. She is very intent on learning all of the Disney Princess names and loves for us to say them over and over in books or wherever she see them!

*Her vocabulary has increased so much there are too many words to write. She will try and repeat many things that we say. Like this morning when I was telling her she was beautiful...she repeated me!

She's thrown a couple crazy-all-out-throw-yourself-on-the-floor fits but for the most part is pretty pleasant. She still likes to get in the cabinets and is always bringing me snacks she finds and saying, "Pease? Pease??" It's pretty hard to resist! We are all truly enjoying every day with our baby girl!

Friday, March 04, 2011

On the Road Again...

So this week I have started running again. It had been over 5 months since my last time out. This winter I have gained some weight back and I'm hoping to pound some of that off on the pavement. I've been frustrated at the constant diligence it takes to keep the scale from creeping upwards and I am noticing it's getting harder and harder. I think it's one of my first clear signs of "aging" along with a few gray hairs! So today was my third run this week and I was able to get up to 1.8 miles which I was happy with after such a long break. The furthest I have run to date is 3.3 miles and the most times in a month is 8. My goal this month is to run at least 9times and to lose at least 5 pounds. Those reading, feel free to help keep me motivated and accountable! (Who is reading these days??? Roll call!! ;0) )

My Februrary through Facebook Posts

I have often thought about how my Facebook posts tell a lot about my life in those short little blurbs. Here is a glimpse of life in February....through facebook!

Feb. 1st
Please pray for our friends baby, Finn. He went in for a routine surgery and is now having breathing complications. Please pray for his complete recovery!!

Feb. 3rd
Going to see Amy and Michael sing tonight!! A concert made in Heaven!!! Can't believe they are touring together...Merry Christmas to me!:0)

Nobody knew His secret ambition......

Feb. 6th
Big tv set up in the living room, lots of food covering the island...we are ready to start this party!:0)

Feb. 10th
So when you get a phone call home from your child's principal, praising them for their behavior and reading you a glowing note from their teacher...its awesome!!

Feb. 11th
Heading up to Arrowhead for the 6th year in a row!! Can't wait to make new memories!

Feb. 12th
Lexy's First time playing in snow!

Bryan is reading princess stories to the girls...so cute!!:0)

Feb. 13th
Feeding the ducks...6 year Arrowhead tradition after eating at the yummy waffle house!!

Feb. 15th
A member of Craig's team at work had a son born at 30 weeks yesterday and they lost him today. Please pray for their family. My heart is so heavy for them!:0(

Feb. 17th
Wow its amazing what just an hour of complete silence does for my head, mood and general well being!!

Feb. 18th
Happy Half Birthday to my sweet Alexis Joy and Happy 2nd Birthday to my sweet Bells!!! Wish we were there to celebrate with you!!

Today is also a day of loss as my Great Aunt Jocey passed today...I'm so sad for my Uncle Floyd, cousin Jessica and my Grandma.:0(

Feb. 19th
Making Valentine M&M cookies to bring to Grandma tomorrow!!

Feb. 21st
Lexy's first time facing forward and riding in her big girl car seat. She LOVES it!!!:0)

Hanging out with the Lemurs at the Santa Ana Zoo!! There are 5 on this rock!

Feb. 22nd
Craig just walked into the boys room to find Tyler standing in front of his closet...still asleep...looks like he was about to pee in it!! Good save dad!;0)

Feb. 23rd
At a Linkin Park concert with the hubby. Now that's love.

Feb. 24th
Happy Birthday to Susie! Friends since Jr High and as close as a sister! I wish all the best things for you today my friend!!:0)

Feb. 26th
Dropping off Tyler for GATE testing. Crazy.(Seriously how is my baby going to be in 4th grade next year????)

Jumping back into painting and starting with our room. I'm so excited that we finally will have color on the walls in there!!!

Feb. 28th
Just saw a woman smoking....and very pregnant. I can not tell you how upset that makes me and the restraint it takes not to go over and say something. Ugh!!!

It was an interesting month. God answered prayer and helped heal little Finn, there was a lot of saddness as an old soul left this earth as well as a brand new one and special birthday's were celebrated. I love Facebook and the fun interactions it provides but I also love how I can look back and see some of how I lived. Hopefully I can make this a monthly post and someday add it to our family scrapbooks. Some day being the key words!;0)