Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Not little Forever....

At night we always pray with the boys. Sometimes Craig with Tyler, I with Zachary and then we switch. Tonight I was sitting with Tyler on their bedroom floor and we were cuddling. He told me that he wanted to "give me all the love!" I just love it when he gets in his lovey dovey's just the best! Then he told me he wanted to be 25. The boys talk a lot about getting older. Sometimes they say they want to stay little forever. Other times, like tonight, they say they want to be older (mostly to get a reaction from me!). So I told him I absolutely didn't want him to be 25 because then I couldn't hold him in my lap, kiss his sweet soft skin and smell his freshly washed hair. He said, "But Mommy I have to grow up sometime!" Man, it's true. I know it's going to happen but I wish it didn't have to!! So I will cherish every minute that I have with them as "babies". As my sweet, innocent little boys. When I'm frustrated with day to day things, I'll remind myself...they won't stay little forever.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

10 Random Facts About Me....

I was tagged by Susie to tell 10 facts about myself and I NEVER do these things! But because it was you Suze, I'll do it! And I have to mention here that I just spent forever putting this together, was on NUMBER 8 and somehow touched a key that erased it ALL!!! Auggghhhh! So this may take awhile!

Alright, drum roll please....

1. I have only flown twice in my life. Once was for our second anniversary to Cabo San Lucas (nice short flight for a freaked out flyer!!) and the second was for my dream trip to Hawaii in Sept. 2005!! (Not so short!) We went to Maui for 8 days with a 1 and 3 year old so it was a lot of work but also a ton of fun!

2. #1 brings me to #2...I will be taking my third flight this June to my next dream vacation spot...Florida! And not just anywhere in Florida, the part where there are miles and miles of Disney fun!! Craig has a convention in Orlando and there was no way we weren't joining in on that! I have always wanted to visit Disney World and can't wait!

3. Which brings me to #3...I am a HUGE Disney fan! I have had a pass to Disneyland since my sophomore year in High School...with no breaks! I started collecting Disney movies long before I had children of my own. I love all things Disney!=0)

4. The first band that I got "into" was, "The Bangles" when I was in Elementary school. I even had posters of the girls and thought they were the greatest! About 4 years ago Craig sweetly surprised me with tickets to see the band live for the first time at House of Blues. So fun! Accept that I ended up throwing up everywhere...and I mean everywhere.... right after the band finally started playing!! I was pregnant with Zachary at the time and if anyone knows me, they know that pregnancy does NOT agree with me! That could probably stand for one of my most embarrassing moments as well!

5. Some (because there are so many!) of my all-time-favorite movies include, "So I Married An Axe Murderer", "The Princess Bride" "Beauty and the Beast" "Two Weeks Notice" and "Legends of the Fall" (Although I often wonder why on this one because it is SO sad and I typically hate sad movies! But I think a big part of it is the loyalty of the brothers at the end and how they band together. And it has Brad!)

6. So some of the movies that I think are the most-sad, made- me -cry -puddles, Kleenex -are- no -use, were: "What Dreams May Come"(hold this as the worst ever as I cried from the first few minutes until the end!!), "Titanic", "Steel Magnolias", "Beaches" ,"Legends of the Fall", "Dads" and "Million Dollar Baby". From my childhood (and would still make me cry today!) "Old Yeller" and "ET"!

7. I haven't been to very many places besides California ( I do love my state!) The list is short and includes Nevada, Arizona, Utah (just driving through) Colorado, Hawaii (the BEST!) and Mexico. Wow, that is short! I hope to add to the list more in the coming years! And to start that off we will be going to Colorado for my second time in about a week and I can add Florida in June! =0) High on my visiting list is the East Coast...especially New York!

8. I am a huge Amy Grant fan! Have been since elementary school. I am reading her book "Mosaic" right now and am loving it! A huge life highlight for me was meeting her back in 2002! We went to a very fun and personal concert of hers. There was a children's room in back as the concert was being held at a church. Tyler was just a baby at the time so we took him back to change his diaper. Who was in the room? Her little daughter, Corrina!! She came right up to me and pointed at Tyler saying "baby, baby!" (ha, ha??!) It was great to interact with her. But the best part was after the concert! I finally got to meet AMY in person, blubbered something that probably wasn't intelligent and had her sign my coupon envelope because I had nothing else with me! It was great!

9. I adore children. Especially babies!! Ever since I was old enough I worked with the babies at church and could sit for hours holding an infant and be perfectly happy and content. When Tyler was born, that's what both Craig and I did with our spare time! We sat and just stared at our beautiful baby...for hours!=0) When there is a tiny baby near, I just melt.

10. I have 3 life-long friends, Susie, Melinda and Hillary! I consider them sisters and love them bunches!=0) Want to know anything extra or embarrassing about me, they would be the good ones to ask!=0) .......And Craig of course!