Monday, November 30, 2009

Alexis is 3 Months!

I have been trying to get this post out for almost 2 weeks now! Nov. 18th she turned 3 months...amazing. So here are a few tid bits about Lexy at 3 months.

*She still wakes up for a feeding every night between 3:30 and 4:30. That's after her last feeding of the night around 10:30-11. Wonder when she will finally sleep through the night?!

*She has had a stuffy nose for about 3 weeks now and is very snorty.

*She is cooing and "talking" a lot now! So cute!! She will talk with you for awhile when she really gets going. I don't remember the boys cooing so much at this age!

*Still loves, loves, loves fans and mobiles!

*She found a first toy to love up...her soft doll we named Lucy. She likes to play with her piggies and suck on her! So cute when she smiles at her!

*She just started pooping more regularly....yay!!!! Never thought poop would make me so happy!

*She still will not nap well. Best bet is in the car.

*Wears 0-3 month clothes. 3-6 month is huge on her. Still in size 1 diapers. Size 1 shoes. (Finding out how cute shoes are on girls! Fun!)

*She lost her Great-Grandpa Pape this month. Part of why it took me so long to write this post. One of my biggest regrets is that she didn't get to meet him.=0(

*Our little girl is growing! At 3 months she weighs about 12 1/2 pounds! She loves her milk and nurses 7 times a day.

*We realized we have to closely watch her cues. If she yawns, we need to prepare to get her to sleep. If she yawns twice, we really need to move. If she gets to the third yawn before we have started the sleep process, not pretty! She goes from calm and smiley to screaming in no time flat! People don't believe it until they see it!

*She has worn a bald spot on the back of her head. Poor girl!

We are excited to share the Holidays with our little girl this year! The boys are excited to show her all of our family traditions including the Advent tree which starts tomorrow! And I am looking forward to dressing her up in all of her adorable Holiday outfits...oh the joys of having a little girl!=0)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Disney Old School

Yesterday we made a trip to Disneyland. We decided to start at DCA first because we hadn't been there since Alexis' birth and had been blocked out the whole summer before that. It was SO NICE to finally have a day there where the place wasn't bursting at the seams with people. Back in the day pass holders were rewarded with many of those days. Many months actually. You could always count on September through November until the Christmas decorations went up, to be prime Disney time! And then again in January until Spring break. Then they introduced the 2fer during that time. Gone was the bliss to be replaced with chaos. And then the Halloween Time, they even added a "special" fireworks show and a spooky image in Space Mountain this year and everyone went crazy. That place was insane!! Fun to have the decorations but I miss my quieter Disney days. I felt like that was part of the benefit of having a pass, you could avoid those super crowded days. So I was very pleased when we were able to nearly walk on some rides yesterday.

To add to the fun, Jacob has recently reached a new height so that he is now able to go on a bunch of new rides. He has waited in such great anticipation as his brothers would go on them and he would have to go on something else. Oh happy day when, with the help of tennis shoes, he reached 40 inches!! So yesterday we went on Soarin Over California with him for the first time. I was so excited!! That ride is truly amazing and unique and I couldn't wait to share that experience with him! He loved it and we are excited he doesn't have to sit out anymore! We walked on Monster's Inc, watched an animation show for the first time and went to "Turtle Talk With Crush".

We then headed over to "the real Disneyland" as Zachary put it. After eating dinner we realized it had gotten busier due to DCA closing and dumping into it. Star Tours didn't have much of a wait and is another ride that Jacob is now tall enough for. And how wonderful that is with the boys ever growing love and affection for all things Star Wars. While the boys were on that I was able to get Fast Passes for Space Mountain. Very exciting as this would be our ticket to getting Jacob on the ride for the very first time! After Child switching on Matterhorn we headed over to Space. I was concerned that Jacob would come off in tears. I should have known better. As Craig said, "He giggled the whole time and said, "This is awesome!" He was ready to march right back on with me!=0)

Less people and two new rides for Jacob made for a very enjoyable evening at the happiest place on earth!;0)

(And I typed most of this with my left hand as I fed Lex! Can we say multi-tasking, super talent??;0)

"A" is for Alexis!

Alexis' first time on Monster's Ic.

The boys with one of their favorites!

Alexis' first picture with a princess!! I was pretty much beaming!!!=0)