Friday, February 18, 2011

A Year and a Half

Tonight my baby girl turns one and a half. How that much time has flown by is beyond me. Everyone says, "Enjoy this time it will go so fast", heck I've told people that same thing....and it sure does! That little tiny 6 pound baby is walking, getting more of an opinion every day, learning to talk and making our whole family smile! Here are some glimpses of Alexis at 18 months!

*She is talking SO much more!! She says, mama, dadd-EE, baby, peas (please), tank-tew (thank you!), shoe!, bite, uh-oh, oh nooo!, Owwww!, No! (really picked this one up the past few days!), ki-ee (kitty), pretty, ....I know there are more and I will add them as I remember them!

*She still usually takes two naps and sleeps pretty well at night. She has a little routine we have to go through every time she lays down that goes: Lay her down, give her "blankie", cover her up, give her a bite (paci) and turn on her mobile that plays a song and displays lights for about 10 minutes. Miss a step and she'll let you know!

*She loves playing with her little square board books. All day long she will bring one to me and then turn around and start to back up to sit on my lap...even if I'm still standing! So cute!

*When you pick her up and she doesn't want you to, she is very good at stiffening her body and throwing it backwards so it's really hard to hold onto her!

*When she doesn't want food she will still shake her head so fast it's impossible to get to her mouth but now she's also added, "No, no, no!!!"

*She's still small, in size 3 diapers, wearing a size 4 shoe and a 12-18 month shirt is big on her (if it isn't Gymboree....could seriously write a blog all about the difference in sizes from one brand to the next!)I just realized yesterday she could wear some Gymboree 12-18 month jeans without them sagging and 9-12 month jeans from Carter's.

*She loves to play with her babies! She has even started "feeding" them and likes to push them around in strollers. I love when she puts them over her shoulder and hugs them!!

*Poor thing is still on antibiotics and battling an on-going ear infection! This round even had a special drug mixed in that is specifically for ear infections. She's almost done with this 10 day round and still has a runny nose. That does not mean good things for her ears. I really, really, REALLY want to avoid having to go the surgery route. Putting her under makes me so nervous.=0(

*She loves music! When we get into the car and turn the music on, if it has a good beat, you will immediately see her head begin to bob. And it will go in different directions depending on the song and cute! The second she hears one of the first few songs off of Maroon 5's "Hand's All Over" she starts grooving to the beat!

*She continues to be fascinated with shoes! The shoes from our shoe bin are almost always in a big heap right in front of the bin and then there's a trail from the bin to the the living the office...

*She got to play in the snow for the first time this past weekend. It was man made and not an ideal spot for her to really get the full experience so I'm hoping she gets another chance when we drive to Colorado next month!

As for her baby book, yeah still haven't gotten to that yet. I think I may be able to retrieve some of my brain cells back once Jacob is in Kindergarten...even if it's only for a few hours and will require even more daily running about! For now I will keep recording what I can here so each stage is captured forever! Because it really does go by....too fast!