Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Work in Progress...

We have now lived in our new home for almost 6 months! Craig and I have been reflecting on how half a year has already gone by. Wow! And the time has finally come for us to get our backyard landscaped. Since we have moved in we must have received at least 100 different fliers. How in the world do you choose someone out of that stack? Thankfully God does provide for us in all areas, even when we are not always so trustworthy. We have had a great experience so far and are very excited to see the end results...a beautifully finished yard for our 3 little boys to run and play in!! The work began last Tuesday and should already be wrapped up by the end of this week! I wanted to give you a peek at the progress but can't wait to show you the end result! =0)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Full Speed Ahead...

I'm tired. Anyone else?? Everyday I think, " I need to write a blog" and then the thought passes and I am on to laundry, wiping a bottom, making lunch, or dinner or a snack or cleaning up after one of those meals, or returning an email or a phone call or taking Tyler to school or picking him up or taking Zachary to school in Whittier and spending half the day there or cleaning one of 3 bathrooms, the kitchen, and every other part of the house...I'm just tired!! But here I am, after a full day of house cleaning in preparation for Jacob's birthday party tomorrow, taking a minute to finally listen to the voice saying, "Slow down, take a minute to write about life, to reflect on it a bit." When I really stop and think of all there is to "do" in life I get so overwhelmed. But then I try to remind myself to slow down, and enjoy the good stuff. Just being. Being with my kids. Watching them play, playing with them. I am still trying to find that balance of getting everything done but also enjoying the time when my children are small. Has anyone figured that out yet?? Tonight I was frantically trying to fold and put away mounds of laundry before the boys went to bed. Zachary came up to me asking me to hold him. He rarely does that. I told him mommy needed to hurry and put away clothes and then I would hold him during story. He was then called away to brush his teeth and I felt guilty. I should stop. I should hold him. When I finally did, I just enjoyed smelling his sweet, clean little head. Rubbing his warm, round belly...how I love that belly! I am one that needs a constant reminder to SLOW DOWN! Life doesn't always have to be lived full speed ahead.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Headed out on the town...

Craig and I are about ready to leave for a night in L.A. For Christmas I bought him Bon Jovi tickets. He has been a long-time fan. The day has finally arrived to use them. The band Daughtry, (Chris Daughtry was on American Idol) is opening and we are both fans of them. Now living in Corona we are not looking forward to the long drive (especially since I just drove to Whittier and back to take Zachary to school!) but it will be a nice amount of time to spend together, just the two of us! Dinner out, time for uninterupted talk, good music. We do feel old though worrying that the concert will not start until 7:30...a time where we are usually winding our night down to get the kids ready for bed! Man, it's hard to remember back to the day where we would go to a 10:30 movie showing and not get out until after midnight...and it was no big deal! The last concert we went to that late we were falling asleep on one another!=0) But, even if we are tired, it will be a night to build memories! And I'm looking forward to it!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sick with the Flu...but blessed!

It is no fun being sick...especially with the stomach flu! I was hit with the nasty bug Friday night and it had me down all day yesterday. I despise being so sick I have to lay down. I fight it with all I can until I just can't fight anymore.

Yesterday, we were set for a fun-filled day to Legoland with some of our friends and I was still planning to go. Even though I had emptied my stomach that morning...and it still held the contents of dinner from the night before (I'm sure that is far too much info for you!) I figured I must of ate something bad and I just didn't want to pass on our fun day. Craig, my sweetheart, gets so upset at me when I won't stop, slow down and take care of myself. He was pleading with me to stay home. Finally, I agreed. We don't always know what is best for ourselves and I truly value having Craig to help me see the error of my ways!=0) It makes me grateful to have that other half, the one that knows me so well and cares about me so much.

So instead of running around the colorful land of Legos, I spent most of the day on our couch dozing in and out of sleep. Dealing with wrenching stomach cramps but also just enjoying the peace of knowing I was where I should be. And taking comfort in being with my family, watching the boys run and play in our home. Seeing how much they enjoy just being together. And making our way through four episodes of Grey's Anatomy which we are watching on DVD! =0) (Thanks Melinda!!)

Even in sickness, I realize how blessed I am!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


This morning Zachary got a little scratch on his leg and asked for a band-aid to make it better. I told him it wasn't bleeding so a band-aid wasn't going to help the scratch feel better. The boys LOVE band-aids and are always trying to find a way to sport one. We probably have about 4 or 5 different boxes of them, all with different themes. So, a few hours later, Zachary gets an actual cut on his foot. He asks again for a band-aid to help it feel better. I took him upstairs and asked him which one he wanted, placed it on his foot and like magic, he felt much better! What is it about band-aids that hold such healing power for a child?? And I wish they still worked that way on adults!