Friday, December 12, 2008

Quote of the Day!

We were sitting eating lunch today and I noticed that Zachary had dropped a pile of his Macaroni and Cheese onto the table. When I went to ask him to clean it up out came, "Can you Mac the Cheese please?" Wow, I'm more tired than I thought!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Christmas Bells are Ringing

We are in day two of December. The Holidays are in full swing. We have the Christmas decorations up inside and have begun our advent tree adventure. The countdown is on!

Life continues to be busy. Isn't that so for all of us? But this time of year is always so full. So many more activities, places to be and people to see! This year is no exception except we decided to make it even more busy! In less than 2 weeks (1 week and 4 days to be exact...but I'm not counting!) we are leaving for an impromptu road trip to Colorado. I was really missing Susie and during one conversation with her we were saying how nice it would be to spend the Christmas season together. I just automatically thought it wasn't even an option (we already have a trip planned for March when the baby is born and this is already the most expensive time of year!) and was really sad. Then those wheels started turning...why can't we go, really? Craig has a job he can work anywhere. Gas is at a 15 year low. Tyler gets out of school two weeks before Christmas...and so I talked to Craig. And talked. And talked, until he started to see what a grand idea it was! Within two days a trip was planned and we are all so excited!!! Oh to just sit around, scrapbook, watch the snow fall (HOPEFULLY!) bake, exchange gifts, feel Bella kick, play games late into the night (you can do it Craig!)and just enjoy the season with my best bud! We are also excited to see Craig's family. It was fun to surprise his mom with the news! Being able to celebrate Christmas with them as well will be a lot of fun and a first since she moved and the kids were born. We wait for this trip in eager anticipation!

Last night we kicked off our Advent Calendar. Night one was going to Disneyland with the Hooper family. The boys absolutely love this tradition and have been eagerly waiting for December 1st! When they picked the card and saw we were going to Disneyland, and with their best buddies no less, they screamed and jumped up and down! It was a fun night of "snow" , "Small World" all lit up, decorations everywhere, the castle lighting and of course rides. I love Disneyland at Christmas time!

So busy as it is, I am feeling excited, blessed and thankful!Excited for Christmas, blessed that we are able to go to Colorado and that Craig has such a great job, and thankful for good friends to celebrate this season with!