Thursday, May 22, 2008

Prayer for the Chapmans

I learned this morning that Christian artist, Steven Curtis Chapman, lost his youngest daughter, Maria, to a tragic accident last night. She was struck by a SUV and the driver was her brother. My heart hurts for them as I think about what they are going through at this moment. The thoughts that are running through their heads..the memories that her 5 short years held. How her brother must be grieving like no other...please pray for peace to come to him. I can't even imagine the pain he is feeling. If all of us could take a moment to pray...especially those with children. Pray for them as if imagining what it would be like to lose your own child.

My heart grieves for them.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Funny Four Year-old!

On the way home from dinner tonight, I turned around to see Zachary, nearly falling asleep, with his finger up his nose. I asked him, "Zachey, are you picking a winner?" to which he replied, "No, I'm picking a Shamu!".

Monday, May 05, 2008

Happy Birthday Zachary James!

My sweet Zachary turned 4 early this morning. It's been quite the week for us as I turned 29 on April 26th and 2 days later, on the 28, my baby turned 2! This has lead me to think a lot about the past, and over the events of my life and my little ones lives. Craig and I have been enjoying telling the boys stories of "when they were little", as if they are so big already! I wanted to reflect on my "middle" child though, as today is his special day (and hopefully I will get to Jacob soon since his special day has already come and gone!).

I have heard so many stories of the "middle child syndrome". The feeling of never fitting in, never feeling special or quite belonging to the family. When Jacob was born and Zachary was "promoted" to middle child, I did worry about him. I tried talking to those who grew up as a middle child, asking them what they felt could have helped them growing up, what would have helped them feel more included. But as Zachary is still at the young age of 4 (but I yet I still can't believe he is 4!!) I feel that he is going to be OK as our second born, middle child. He is so amazingly vivacious! Everywhere he goes he gathers smiles and attention. He is charming and oh so funny! His eyes literally SPARKLE! And those long, dark lashes! Every time I attempt to remember something funny he did or said, I am at a loss of how to write about it. He is so unique! At a very young age he was walking. He was talking full sentences by 2 years old. He looks at you with eyes full of understanding beyond his years. The things that come out of his mouth, the reasoning and insight going on in his head..often scare us of the years to come! And his stubbornness....whew!! From the day he was born that little boy showed us exactly what he thought about everything. It's hard at times but we are grateful for it too as we know it will help him later in life to be strong, to be his own person and to not just follow the crowd.
We have had many friends, family and complete strangers comment that there is something "special" about him. And we know there is! He is our little gift from God and I thank Him daily for giving us such a wonderful child! One that loves to run, put together puzzles (even 100 piece ones!) and loves to give hugs more then anything. Who loves trains, cars, Peter Pan, and adores his brothers. Who enjoys eating all fruit, especially bananas and strawberries. Who loves sliced cucumbers and drinking milk. Who loves animals and babies and will stop to look at them whenever he has the chance.
Stop and think about the wonderful memories of your little one today...even if they are not so little anymore! God brings some people into our lives to greatly bless us... I certainly feel blessed to have Zachary in my life!