Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kids + Dirt = bathtime!

The weather has been beautiful! Yesterday afternoon we decided to enjoy it and play outside. Our backyard has yet to be landscaped so we have lot's and lot's of dirt. Of course the boys love it! Especially Jacob. He likes to get right in there, really dig his finger nails in (literally!) So after about an hour or so of great fun, they were covered head to toe with backyard! That resulted in fun of another type. Bath time! I love seeing all 3 of my little guys lined up in the tub! And they could stay in the water forever...their little skin turning all wrinkly! Mmmm, and the way they smell when they first get out...wonderful!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A trip up the Mountain

A few weeks ago we took a 4 day trip up to Arrowhead. This is the 3rd year in a row we have gone and it has become a nice tradition. We go with our friends that also have 3 small children. Sometimes I think we are crazy. 6 children to 4 adults doesn't initially seem like a good idea! But luckily everyone gets along pretty well. And it's a tradition! (I'm all about traditions!)

So the past two years, there has been a lack of the white stuff. Every year I am so excited to see it snow, only to find that it doesn't, and there isn't even any on the ground! Our first year up, there wasn't even a muddy patch to be found! The second year, there was at least some on the ground and a weather forecast that looked promising! But, once again, no snow. (I swear I have a snow curse! Dates way back to Jr High camps!)

This year, however, there was more snow on the ground then we could have hoped for. And then some. When we pulled up in front of the cabin, there was SO much snow, that we could not even pull in one of our vans. The road leading up to the cabin is very narrow without the crowding of snow, so there was really nowhere to park! This resulted in Craig going back into town, buying snow shovels and then proceeding to join our friends in digging a parking spot out. The 3 were outside dealing with that while I was tending to 6 restless children inside who were hungry, bored and wanting their toys! It's always an adventure isn't it? But hey, it's tradition! =0)

And the kids were not cooperating for our lovely family pic. by the lake!

Yes, 5 boys and 1 girl!

We really did have a great time!

Monday, February 25, 2008

My Silly 3 Year Old!

Zachary is one funny little boy! He loves music and when he hears the right music, really knows how to move!=0) This video of him always makes me smile. Whenever I'm down, all I have to do is watch this! Hope you enjoy my silly little man too!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Church Shopping

Just the title of that bothers me. Church Shopping. My entire life I have had just two "home churches". They are right down the street from one another and I am able to greet people every few steps. So familiar, so comforting.

Now here we are in Corona. I have been putting off "the hunt". It makes me very uncomfortable. How do you know where to go? How do you know there will be solid teaching, solid teachers, loving caregivers for our boys?

We have tried a church here called "Crossroads", the past 2 Sundays. Our first impression was mostly good. Both Craig and I really liked the Pastor and his sermon (which brought both of us to tears!) I was very excited. My one major drawback was the lack of Sunday School classes for adults. This is a very large church. Big campus, lot's of people. I couldn't understand where the list of classes was. Yesterday I was talking to a friend about this absence and she brought to my attention that Sunday School classes are the "old" way of doing things. The old way??? All I have ever known is that there are Sunday School classes for everyone, of every age, of every life stage...that's how it goes, right?? I guess not anymore! Now at just 28 years old...I am left feeling...old!!

The next drawback came when we went to pick up Jacob. He seemed happy but when they handed him to me, he stunk to the high heavens!! I could smell him before the tranfer was even complete!! I just thought they had somehow missed it,(like maybe they all had really bad colds??) took him to the car and immediately changed him.

Fast forward a week later to this morning. It was raining, we got there a bit late. The check in process for the older boys is quite lengthy. After filling out both forms, and all the name tags, we were informed that there was no room in the inn. For any of the older children. So, we had to take them to service with us. We dropped of Jacob first specifically asking them to check Jacob since he has been fighting a rash (very sensitive skin!). We then set off for the service. Surprsingly Tyler and Zachary behaved very well (not easy for a 5 & 3 year old to sit through a sermon!). We once again enjoyed the pastor's message. Afterwards we all went to pick up our sweet baby...always so fun to return to his huge grin!! As soon as we picked him up the ladies chimed in that he may have a dirty diaper...but they weren't sure. Once again we were sure!!! (whew, SMELL-E!!!) But his diaper was SO bad, that it had broken open and all of those little crystals had burst everywhere. His little bottom was raw and he would just say, "ow, ow!" We felt SO bad!! So, needless to say, we are not planning on going back next week. And that means the hunt is still on.

If anyone has a chance, please pray for us to find a good church home. One that fits the needs of everyone in our family and will be a place to further our relationship with Jesus. And a place where we feel our children are well taken care of. And if you are happy with your home church, I would just remind you to give thanks for that today. It really is a great blessing!