Monday, July 25, 2011

Alexis at 23 Months

Can't believe that my baby girl has less then a month before she turns two. I know everyone says it but I really do not know where the time has gone. I feel like it couldn't be more then a year ago I was anxiously awaiting her's just going too fast!! I am thankful however that I have managed to squeeze these monthly updates in for the past 2 years. When the boys were this age I was so much better at keeping up on their scrapbooks. With Alexis I only have her first month scrapbooked. So I am thankful, that whenever I get around to it, I have all of this recorded! I know I will treasure these memories forever!

*This month Alexis has been trying to say even more sentences. The other day I was asking her where something was and she told me that, "Daddy took it, Annie's." Telling me that Daddy had taken her Little Einstein's from her before leaving the house. She surprises us daily with something new!

*We moved Jacob in with the boys a few weeks ago which made him immensely happy (He would tell us almost every night that he didn't want to sleep by himself!) That left us to decorate his old room and turn it into a beautiful, girlie wonderland! Over a weekend we did jut that! We are so happy with the results and that she now has her own room where she can play with all things girl! And she sure does love her girl toys! Her princess figurines, tea set, etc. She seems to have adjusted pretty well with sleeping in there although she keeps waking up way to early in the morning!

*On that note she still loves playing with some of the boys things as well! We saw Cars 2 this past month and she loved it!! After the movie she started wanting to hold their little die cast cars all the time. She picked a Lightening McQueen car and started carrying it everywhere. I got her a Holly Shiftwell die cast car that talks and she loves it! She has also taken a liking to Phineus and Ferb which really isn't a surprise since her brothers love them! She will see little Perry on a magazine and notice and say, "Perry!" So cute!

*She continues to love The Little Einstein's, Minnie Mouse and has added Mickey to her loves as well. She likes to "Fwatch!" which means watch TV. I'll give her options and she will let me know what she does or doesn't want to "Fwatch".

*She is trying very hard to learn her colors. She will come up holding something and ask, "Green?" if i say no it's "Purple" she will say oh, Pupple!" She absorbs everything. She will intently watch our mouths as we sing her the ABC's so that she can try and learn it well. She counts and has almost made it to 10 without skipping numbers. Not bad for a little one not even two yet!

*She loves being read to. She will easily sit for 4 or 5 books in a row. She knows at night she gets story time and will run over to her book shelf in anticipation. So fun to see that love form for our last little one, since all 3 of her brothers love reading as well!

I'm sure there is more but as usual, time is short! In about 3 weeks we will be celebrating her two years of life and it will be time for her two year blog! Until then!