Monday, June 21, 2010

Alexis at 10 Months

The time is nearing. Alexis is now less then two months from turning the big ONE. Can hardly believe it. Her newborn stage was so crazy I feel like I missed out on a lot of her "babyhood". The last few months with her have been so much fun and I am mourning that they will soon be just a memory. We are trying to relish all the time we have left while she is still a baby though. Smell her sweet smell. Hold her all we can. Enjoy the sweet baby sounds. Stare at her when she falls asleep while nursing. So many wonderful things to take in with babies! Here is Lexy at 10 months!

*She has started waking up early in the morning, screaming. She has done it the past two mornings and today was up at 4am. She screamed for well over an hour before finally giving up. I really hope one day her sleeping patterns get better! Her usual nap is still usually only 20 minutes or so long. I don't know how she makes it through the day! (and right on cue she just woke up from her 20 minute nap!)

*She still only has her two bottom teeth. Hope the others don't all come in at once! Right after my last post stating she hadn't bit me yet, she started biting. Thankfully she stopped pretty quickly...and I'm hoping that was the end of it. (Could I get so lucky??)

*All on her own she started waving this stinkin' cute! When she first did it I thought it was just her moving her arms around since we hadn't been teaching her to do it, but then she continued waving "hello" right on cue! It really is adorable to see her grin, stick her hand out and wave!

*She adores her baby dolls! She has two actual dolls and whenever we hand them to her...well you just have to see it! She shrieks and beams and it's just so sweet! The boys love to be the ones to give it to her so they can make her smile. Craig and I keep saying we don't know how people believe this stuff isn't built into boys and girls from the start. Alexis is so small and yet she clearly already has very different preferences then her brothers! She LOVES her dolls and her Princess figurines. She examines the flowers on my toes whenever she gets the chance. The other day she was crying in the car and I tried to reach back for one of her Princess dolls. I could only find a Star Wars one (which is the exact same type of toy, chunky and plastic) to hand her. She stopped crying for a minute, then realized it wasn't one of her Princess toys and started screaming again! I love seeing the girlyness come out in her!

*At her 9 month appointment we found out that she has grown a bit more and is now in the 25th percentile for height. She had to get one shot and didn't even cry. She seems to be pretty's just when they keep going and going. Which I certainly don't blame her!

*She stands alone and doesn't need anything to pull herself into standing position. She started learning to using a walker and does pretty good with it but is still definitely not fluid! I'm in no hurry to have her walking!

*She loves food and has started smacking her lips when she's hungry. It's really cute! She is trying lot's of different things and actually has yet to turn anything down! The boys are under thick threats not to ruin this beautiful, adventurous eater! (Tyler and Zachary got to Jacob when he was a baby and turned him to the dark side of picky eaters. I am determined that this not happen to Alexis!)

*She has very clear "boundaries". When her brothers get too close, squeeze too tight or get in her face she will "yell" at them to move away. I'm grateful she has that strength. Now we just have to get the boys to listen to her!

*We were able to put her first ponytail in!!! I have been so excited to be able to "do" her hair...and finally she has just enough for a tiny sprout! Now I can't wait for "piggies"! ;0)

*She continues to be a magnet in public. Everyone wants to touch, hold, coo at, tickle, fawn over, and smile at her. And she is happy to let them!

Love having a girl. Love having a baby. Love that she has turned into such a pleasant baby!!