Thursday, August 18, 2011

Alexis Joy Turns Two Today!

Exactly 2 years ago from now, I sat in a hospital room in great anticipation, waiting to hear if we were staying to have our baby. The doctor at our OB office had sent us over to the hospital after hearing about her decreased movement, my amniotic fluid going down again etc. We were and are so thankful that he took action. A few hours after that, with the help of a little gel, contractions started on their own. After what would be by far my quickest labor, Alexis Joy made her way into the world that same day at 11:18. She was so tiny...only 6 pounds 4 ounces...a "little peanut" the nurse said. I couldn't believe we had a little girl. I still can't believe I have a little girl. After getting so sick with each baby and then having my life threatened while pregnant with Jacob, I should have never had another baby. But I am so thankful to God for blessing us with our sweet girl and taking away that ache for a girl I feared I would always be left with.

The past two years have been so fun. Things definitely started out rocky with her having reflux and crying non stop. But even through that we rejoiced in having her knowing it would eventually get better. And it did. She lights up the room with her smiles. She loves to give hugs and long as it is under her terms. She has very good boundaries and will let you know when she wants her space. But just the other day she was having a love fest with Tyler. He kept asking her for hugs and she would run quickly up to him, knocking him over and then they would roll around hugging and laughing. So completely adorable to watch. Each boy will spend little sweet moments with her during the day. Teaching her new things like colors or how to say words. Tyler can often be heard saying, "Lexy, can you say computer?" They rush to greet her every morning and all love to kiss her goodnight. Lately Tyler and Zachary also enjoy reading to her.

AS I have said in the past she is completely "girlie". To the core, all on her own. She loves bracelets, necklaces, shoes, hair things, brushes, dresses, fluffy skirts, dress up clothes, purses, pretend make up...anything that screams girl. Her attention span is so different at this age then the boys were. She focuses so well. Our neighbor came to watch the kids for a few hours this eek for our anniversary and she couldn't believe how well Alexis was watching the movie we put on. She's like that with everything she does. She can literally play for hours with her little figurines. Especially her "Annie's" that she has rubbed at least half the paint off by constantly holding. Every morning she gets up she has to take her Minnie's, Mickey and blankey with her. That and her Annie's are her favorite things in the world.

Since we moved her to her new room she has been waking up really early every day, we think due to the noise on the main road behind our house that she didn't hear before. So we bought her a sound machine and just tried it out last night. She still woke up around 6:30 but hoping with time that will get later! She has only been napping about an hour and a half occasionally. When she is well rested she is such a happy baby. When she isn't....whew crazy banchee baby ensues! It's so different then her normal nature when she gets like's crazy. Last week she took a super short nap and woke up screaming. I din't want her to wake Jacob so I ran her downstairs. She screamed and kicked and hit and nothing I said would stop her. The only thing that ended up pulling her out of her tyraid was to put The Little Einsteins on. It enough to snap her out of it and then the world according to Alexis Joy was right again.

For her birthday today she got a special lunch and frozen yogurt time with Mommy and Daddy while her "bo-bo's" were at school. When the boys get home and she is up from nap we will open gifts with her which is our tradition with each child. Then we will be off to Toys R Us for her birthday balloon and crown and to pick out a little something with the birthday card they send. And finally dinner at Souplantation with our good friends the MacHott's. They have 2 little girls one of which is just a few months older then Lexy and they have known one another since birth. It has been so fun to watch their little friendship form, watching them play and hold hands. Lexy will even ask to play with the girls out of nowhere, "I see Kee-a, Ewee?" (Translation I see Kiera, Ellie?"

So we will gather with our friends, she will eat all the yummy food she could wish for and hopefully it will be a day we cherish forever. I've been so excited for this day but also had the mixed emotion of saddness that another year has gone by and my baby is two and hurtling out of the baby stage. For as long as we can we will enjoy her soft skin, the lingering baby smell, her gibberish talk, the pitter patter of her tiny feet and that sweet little grin. I'm excited for the year ahead and finding out more about this special little person!