Wednesday, July 15, 2009

34 Weeks!

It's been awhile since I updated...4 weeks since my 30 week post! I'll just dive in.

I finally started my pregnancy album for this baby. Once I got going things went quickly. I was caught up but now have more pictures to print. I have been using my blog posts to add to the album which has been really nice. I wish I had been doing the blog during the other pregnancies! It has been fun using the girlie scrap stuff (finally!) and doing my first "It's a Girl!" page! So many fun things when having a different sex the 4th time around!

As for the pregnancy, I am reeeeaaaallllly done!!! My sciatic nerve which is in my bum, has been getting worse and worse over the last month or so. Shoots pain every time I move, sit on it, rotate, try to lean on it...pretty much whenever I move! This has made me walk pretty funny...definitely with a waddle! My fingers seem to be swelling more then ever. I wake up feeling like I can hardly bend them they are so stiff. insomnia is setting in more frequently. And for the first time I am feeling braxton hix contractions. They make my ears burn! ;0) I have had a few days where they wouldn't stop until I was finally down for the night...a little unnerving. I still feel like I have an eternity to wait and yet when I think that in just 3 weeks now I can be considered full-term...then I start to panic!! One of those weird things in life where you can't wait but then reality hits (and the anxiety!)! I'm going to be in a TON of pain again. Are we both going to be safe? Will we make it on time to the hospital? We are going to have a NEW BORN again! Sleepless nights. A human that needs us 100% of the time. And I could go on!

But really, I can't wait to see her. To see my daughter!!! To see what our little girl looks like! To have the boys finally meet their baby sister. To kiss and smell that small little body. To dress her! To have all of this waiting over and move forward with our lives. To taking a million adorable pictures! To feeling more like myself again and moving without groaning!

I have a Dr.'s appointment on Friday along with an ultrasound to begin checking my fluid levels. I am really looking forward to seeing Lexy again! One more appointment 2 weeks after that and then we go to weekly visits! We are getting closer to the final countdown and we couldn't be more excited!

32 Weeks. (The thing in my hair was for VBS. We helped out with crafts for the week!)

Today at 34 Weeks! (Look awful!)