Sunday, December 18, 2011


I've been so excited to use Instagram! And with my new iPhone I finally have the chance! I'm posting from my phone now and hope to get pictures up here regularly! For now, here are a few of my first shots from the past week of light seeing, Disneyland, baking and kids class parties!

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Little Lexy Tidbits

There are so many adorable things Alexis does but there are a few that I have been thinking I need to get down in writing now that I'm not doing her monthly blog! Something that I absolutely love is when she comes up to me and out of nowhere she says, "I love you too Mommy!" She's gotten so used to us saying we love her that she automatically adds the "too" at the end even when she says it first!

The boys love having everyone go around the table and each take turns saying they love her just so they can hear her say their name, "I love you too Ty-er!"..."I love you too Zachey!", "I love you too Jakey Boy!" It really is too cute!

I love that she loves to snuggle. She likes to bring one of her "friends" with her which is usually one of her Minnie's. She makes this little squeal-e voice like Minnie is talking and then she wants us to kiss Minnie and then Minnie kisses us and then her and it goes around like that for awhile.

I also love that when she wants to be picked up and held she says, "I need you Mommy! or I need you Daddy!" and then she just snuggles you when you pick her up.

Love that she calls her lunch, "Munch". Around 11 every day she starts telling us, "I need my Munch! I need my Munchy!"

I love that she continues to be crazy girly! A few nights ago I was finally able to try on the Christmas dress I bought her to make sure it fit. I did this right before bed. It's a beautiful, sparkly dress, right up Lexy's alley. She was so happy to twirl about and show that dress off everyone she could not have been happier...and then I tried to take it off to put her to bed. Wow, you would have thought I was literally hurting her she screamed so loud! She fought me and struggled so hard to keep that dress on. Every time I got one arm out she was able to shove it right back in. Poor girl! She kept saying "My dress! My dress! No Mommy, my dress!" But we put her in dresses and such as much as possible and she is always quick to show it off to the nearest person!

I love my baby girl!