Friday, April 22, 2011

Alexis at 20 Months

When I really think about it, I have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that my baby girl is quickly approaching two years old. It really doesn't seem that long ago that I was longingly looking at her clothes, awaiting her arrival. We are having so much fun with her and she constantly brings a smile to our face!

*One of the new things she does is say "Da" for "yes". It's super cute! "Lexy, are you hungry?"...."Daaa". "Lexy, do you want to put your shoes on?"...."Daa." Love it.

*She has started panting like a puppy more and more. Especially when she wants something and almost always when she sees us eating something and wants us to share with her!

*She had a fever yesterday and has a cough, but so far has not had another ear infection. I am asking that God protect her and keep her ears healthy.

*The girl continues to be obsessed with shoes. Everything is about shoes. She still wears a size 4 and I thought I should try a 5 on her. So I put a pair on her that just slip on. Unfortunately they are too big and fall off after a few steps. Even more unfortunate is that she gets very upset about this! She loves these shoes. Seriously as I type this she brought said shoes over to me asking, "Shoes? Shoes?" I told her to go ahead and put them on so she did. See how long before they fall off and she gets upset again!

*She loves apples and just saying "apple". If it's a food she doesn't know the name's an apple. She can often be heard walking around saying, "Apple? Apple." Very cute!

*She has now said all of the boys names and will usually even say them on command. They get very excited about this. She is also in a phase where she loves to say "Mommy" all of the time. I love hearing her little voice call for me!

*The boys got some tiny jelly bracelets at a party last Friday. She has been wearing an arm full of them ever since. So funny to see all of the girly parts of her come out. She even puts them on herself!

*She likes to climb things. She has loved climbing stairs forever but now she will even climb up the very high play structure in our backyard. This has made it so that she can not be unwatched back there for even 30 only takes that long before she has climbed right up the ladder to the top. She is too tiny to be climbing so high!

*She is in the 10th percentile for height and weight.

*She has added a new thing to her sleep ritual. She now needs her little blankie bear (one of those that just have the head and then a little blanket body), which I named "Pinky Bear" She loves it so much and I love that it was from her Auntie Susie who she doesn't get to see that often!

*On that note she had her first road trip this past month. We drove to Colorado and she did pretty well all things considered. She sure was happy to get out of the car after each two day drive though! She had fun playing with Bella and all of her things and getting to visit both her Grandma's in Fort Collins.

Alexis is a very happy girl. She loves to play, smile, snuggle and run. And every month brings fun and new things with her!