Friday, June 20, 2008

Reflections on becoming a Mother....Tyler turns 6!

Today is my "baby" boys 6th birthday!! I guess that sure doesn't make him a baby anymore...but he will always be my baby! (as in the words of Mariah!) I really began reflecting yesterday, on when Craig and I became parents for the first time. How long and scary my labor was and then how terrifying was the c-section that followed. But then, I had a beautiful, tiny 6 pound, 13 oz. baby boy in my life. I was telling Tyler the stories about his first day of life. How his Daddy was in a deep sleep, he was crying and I couldn't move to get him because of the "owie" on my tummy. How I was frantic to get to my sweet baby, looking for anything to help wake Craig up!! I ended up throwing a slipper at him and that finally did the trick! Tyler was in hysterics over this and wanted me to tell him over and over again! And how Daddy tried so hard to change his diaper while he squirmed all around and put it on backwards! How has it been SIX YEARS since that day??? It feels like a lifetime ago. Now that little bundle of sweet smelling baby is about to finish his last week of Kindergarten. He is going to enter into first grade in a month. He reads, spells, adds, subtracts, draws amazing pictures and is one mean video game player! He is friendly, kind and even won the "cheerfulness" award at school! He has a huge heart and adores each one of his family members. He loves to run, play games, sing and dance. He is still so sweet, and untouched by the world. I wonder how long I will be able to shelter him. I pray that God will protect him and continue to grow him into the boy He wants him to be. (I can hardly bare to say "man" yet so we will stick with boy for now!)
I know everyone says it goes by so quickly...and it does! I even find myself telling others that enjoy every moment!
I just thank God for giving me such a beautiful little boy, and for giving us time with him.