Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Fun Baby Poll!

I thought it would be fun to take bets on when Alexis will come. If you want to participate, just leave a comment on what day you think she will come, what time of day I will go into labor and how much she will weigh/measure. It will be fun to see what actually happens! =0)

30 Weeks!

So I am in the last stretch! The last block of 10! I am trying to tell myself to act like it's normal life and I'm not anticipating a huge life change...yeah right!! This baby and delivery is all I can think about and I'm about to go crazy! I am not good with anticipation. I'm not good with waiting. I'm not good with surprises. I'm NOT good at not being in control! So, you can see why I am going a bit crazy! But this too shall pass I know. I will just feel such relief when she is here safe and sound and I can sit up in bed without groaning!=0)

I had my Dr appointment yesterday. I am still measuring perfectly. We heard her strong heartbeat. The Dr. ordered an ultrasound for my 34 week appointment to start checking my amniotic fluid level so that is really reassuring.

I am still on my nausea medication, Zofran. I tried going off it completely about a month ago and that did not go well. I missed my morning dose I usually take before eating. I ate some cereal and immediately started feeling sick. I couldn't even get up in time before everything came quite forcibly back up! Not fun! So I am on it until this baby is out!

Even though I know I shouldn't, I keep thinking the baby is going to come early! Oh I hope I am not super disappointed! Jacob came about a week and a half early so I keep thinking anytime after the 15th (which happens to be our 11th anniversary!) I thought it would be fun to take bets on when she will come. If you want to participate, just leave a comment on what day you think she will come, what time of day I will go into labor and how much she will weigh/measure. It will be fun to see what actually happens!

So besides being completely sore, tired, stressed, anxious and moody all is well! =0)

Friday, June 05, 2009

Another Glimpse

Two weeks ago today we went and got another sneak peek of our baby girl! I told Craig that was what I wanted for Mother's Day. I really wanted to see her again, get some more pictures for my pregnancy album and most of all, confirm that "nothing had grown" if you will!=0) Thankfully, girl parts were still in tact and Alexis looked adorable! Really, really an amazing experience with the 3d technology! I would highly recommend it to anyone who is expecting!

Here are some of the latest pictures of Alexis Joy! =0)


Girl Shot.

When we began, she was lying sideways, with her legs over her head!

Her face.

Face and upper body.

28 Weeks and Counting...

This Wednesday marked 28 weeks into this pregnancy. I am now officially in the 3rd trimester. Some books say that begins the 27th week, others say the 28th. Whatever the case, we are now a few days into week 29...which is getting closer to 30...which feels a little closer to the end. Can you tell I'm counting down?

This pregnancy has just been all around hard on me. None of them have been easy but number four is taking me for a very bumpy ride. I don't know if it's being 3 years older then last time, now being in my 30's, that I have 3 rambunctious boys to care for or that this is the FOURTH time my body has been through this. Pretty sure it is a combination of everything! The Dr. has warned me that with this being the fourth I need to be very careful. Rest lot's. Do half of what I plan for that day were his exact words. SO hard to do! I get involved in my day and before I know it, I realize I haven't rested at all. But I don't know how much of a choice I'll have these next weeks. I've been getting cramping in my lower abs and low back after doing a lot of walking, like spending the evening at Disneyland. Last night I had that same cramping and hadn't done all that walking. I had just been on my feet all day. For Tyler's Open House, errands, etc. and just hadn't rested at all. I guess we will see how this keeps progressing!

I'm also having a hard time waiting for this little girl! I really feel like I have been pregnant for well over a year! I'm nervous to see her healthy. I'm nervous about the delivery. I feel like it's never going to end! And, I am nervous about the delivery! For those that don't know, with my first two pregnancies, my amniotic fluid vanished with no explanation. That lead to an induction with Tyler, which failed when the contractions squeezed him too hard with no fluid to cushion him. I didn't get to see Tyler again for a few hours while I was in recovery. So hard! Second time around I went to the hospital in labor, they checked the fluid level and all the fluid had disappeared, again! Thankfully I was already in labor and this time I had an amnio infusion (they put water back into me to help cushion Zachary). It was a horribly long two day labor, but he came out after two hours of pushing. And I got to hold him and stay with him. Enter Jacob. He was a week and a half early and thankfully this time I still had fluid. Labor lasted almost exactly a day this time around but Jacob had had his first bowel movement while still in me. To make it worse, he aspirated it into his lungs and had to be whisked away to the NICU right after birth. I again didn't get to see my baby for hours or know what was going on. He stayed in the NICU for a week. One of the worst weeks of my life! All of this to say, I have not had one easy, smooth delivery and I have only been able to keep 1 out of 3 of my babies with me afterwards. Not very good odds. I'm scared of what lies ahead. I'm scared that my fluid will drop and I will have to have a c-section (They will not induce labor after having a prior c-section so loss of fluid would equal emergency c-section for me). Please pray that my fluid would hold up. Please pray that I would be able to stay with my baby girl after her birth. I really appreciate any prayers!

Everyone is still so excited here though! We talk almost everyday about when she will arrive. It will be exciting to get to July and be able to say, "Next month!" I feel Lexy moving all throughout the day now, especially at night when I finally lay on my side to rest. I'm constantly nesting and doing whatever I can to get things ready and in order. I am trying to hold myself off a bit longer from packing bags for the hospital but I have already made some piles for that. Some stuff for me and the baby! I just can't wait! Only 80 or so days to go.....

26 Weeks

28 Weeks