Monday, July 28, 2008

Rice Krispy Treat and a Rose

Here I was just sitting at the computer going through mail, checking blogs, doing my end of the night thing when I hear Craig come up the stairs. He smiles and then hands me a freshly made rice krispy treat with a freshly cut rose laid across the top. How sweet is he?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The First of Many...

Lost teeth that is!! On Monday afternoon Tyler lost his FIRST tooth!!! Craig had kept saying he felt it getting loser and loser and Tyler continued to help it along by pushing on it with his tongue. He was playing video games when it finally just poppped out!! I for one am really happy that the first one was such a painless, easy experience! The whole losing teeth thing gives me the willies...well anything having to do with any amount of blood gives me the willies!

Here he is in all of his toothless glory!

As you can see my little guy also has to wear glasses now. He has been wearing them for a full week and is doing really well with them. Poor thing had such bad eye sight that we are sure he is just happy he can actually SEE his world clearly now! He was just unsure the first day but asked his daddy,"I look good don't I Daddy?" Oh such a sweetie! And I was worried that kids would say unkind things. We went over to our good friends house a few days ago. Beforehand she had prepared her son by saying Tyler has glasses now, be sure to tell him he looks good. To which he replied "Well Mommy, he's my best buddy what else would I say?" Oh that just melted my heart...if only they could all be so sweet!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Church Shopping Wrap Up.

I was just going through my Blog and realized I had never updated our Church shopping saga. Thankfully, we have been attending a Church we enjoy for a few months now. It's in Riverside so is a bit of a drive, but the drive has been worth it. We found out about the Church through the web. They were having a family night at a local restaurant so it's funny that we went to that first. Makes a good story when meeting people there! =0)But that actually made it easier when visiting the Church because there were familiar faces and people recognized and came up to us. What we both love about "Sandal's" is there desire to be "real". Their "tag-line" is being real with yourself, others and God. Pastor Matt is younger but longs to be real and get others serious about their faith. I especially have craved that honesty. To not feel like I'm going somewhere I can't truly be myself. Or to not know when the next big Church secret is going to blow up in my face. Not that I won't ever experience that at Sandals, but it brings me comfort to know that part of their main purpose is to "hang it all out there" for lack of better words!

We have jumped right in and are attending a Wednesday night small group. We have really connected with one family that also has 3 small children and are in the same life stage. Right now the Church rents space at a baptist college but they are finally looking for a place of their own. We are looking forward to that as the children's classroom situation is the one major drawback. They are so small, there isn't enough room for the kids to even move around. The thing that worries us is that they will move deeper into Riverside. But, we are thankful to be there now and know that God will move them and us where HE wants. He got us to Sandals in the first place and I have already experienced a lot of growth and healing. I trust in whatever comes next!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Crazy Pain

So we had a great trip, pick up the boys and everyone is so happy to see one another. We go home, get settled in and then eat dinner. While sitting at the table, I have the worst, most severe lower back pain I have ever experienced in my life. I felt like I was on fire and being shocked all at the same time. It was all Craig could do to grab me and get me onto the living room floor. And there I lay, face down for the next four plus hours. Everytime I moved, my whole back would spasm. Eventually Craig pulled me by the arms to the restroom and eventually into the downstairs bedroom. The pain was unbearable. So today I have been on the couch unable to move around. I had a scrapbook party planned that I needed to postpone. I hate being out of control. I despise being layed up and not able to do anything. It's a hard place to be all the while being in pain. I am so thankful though, that I am now at least able to move without being reduced to tears. I just keep wondering what in the world that was all about! Ouch!

First Time Away.

Craig and I are coming up on our 10 year anniversary. We are both unsure of how that came around so quickly!! To help celebrate the occasion ( a bit early), we thought it time to take a trip sans the kiddos. Now Craig has left the boys before for business trips and such. But the only time I have been away from them is to be having another one of them...and even then I still saw them everyday. Even though I am tired all of the time, it is really hard for me to be apart from them. So all of that to say, this was a really big deal for a lot of reasons!
So this past Wednesday, we met my parents and dropped the boys off with them. We then went to Desert Hot Springs and stayed at a Spa for two nights ( a good test run for me...not too long and not too far away!) Two Bunch Palms Resort and Spa was a great place to quiet I was actually not sure what to do with myself at times!=0) The Spa also had great history. Turns out it was one of Al Capone's getaway spots complete with his actual vault and underground tunnels! We spent a lot of time in the "grotto" area. This was a warm pool surrounded by palm trees, plants and water falls. We saw lot's of wild life including rabbits and road runners. We had meals where we ate in peace and that were not centered around a schedule. We were able to see "Hancock" and just go when the time suited us instead of planning it all out. And we received a couples massage in one of their cabana's. I felt so rested and peaceful just after those two days, I realized how important it is for my sanity and our relationship to get away once in awhile. It was a great trip and I enjoyed my sweeties company! Oh, and I only called to check on the boys about 5 times...not too bad!=0)