Monday, December 21, 2009

Alexis at 4 Months

Here I am feeding Lex while trying to get her update out. I haven't been so good about blogging...considering my last post was about her 3 month progress. Seems these updates are the only thing getting me on here! I know I need the information logged for whenever I get to her poor, neglected baby book! I have never waited so long to start. Then again I have never had such a difficult baby. Or 4 kids. It helps to know that I at least have these entries to fall back on.

On that note...there really isn't much different with her since last month.

*She still doesn't nap well. Seems to be only when we have to go somewhere and I'm in agony that I have to wake her because she is actually asleep, or if I have help from Craig or my mom. Oh yes, then she sleeps!

*Still waking up every morning at 4:30. Ugh! Want. To. Sleep. All. Night!!!!!!!!!!

*Something very new is showing signs of stranger anxiety. So early too! Last night we had a Christmas party and she had not slept all day. When one person looked at her she stuck her lip out. When the next person she didn't recognize looked at her she bawled. Oh boy! Earlier last week she had started playing "bashful". My mom would say "hi" to her and she would push her face into my neck. Then look back for more. So cute! Our boys were never afraid of strangers so we will see how this develops!

*We just started size 2 diapers. Much better as those 1's were getting snug! She is in o-3 and 3-6 month clothing. Still LOVING dressing her! And still in size 1 shoes! Tiny feet!

*She's getting more vocal. She likes to talk and smile at her family. She will actually yell when she doesn't see anyone and wants to make sure someone is near. It's very cute.

*She does stomach crunches to try and sit up. Hard to get her to relax!

Right now she is on my lap and Zachary is singing songs to her and sweet talking her. Her favorite stuff! She is smiling, cooing and giving him little laughs. Just a few more days and we will be celebrating our first Christmas with her! Such a Joy.=0)