Friday, January 29, 2010

On a Roll...And Other Firsts

Alexis just rolled over from her back to her tummy for the FIRST time and then rolled onto her back again!!! Yay! She was laying in the boys room and everyone jumped up and cheered for her! The boys surrounded her kissing her, congratulating her...what a sight!=0) Our baby girl is on a roll!

Not the greatest picture. By the time I got the camera she had started to cry and was very ready for bed!

Earlier this week Alexis also tried her first food (other then breast milk)! It was just a little rice cereal and so far she hasn't been too fond of it. The first night she spit it all back up and she still has yet to learn to open her mouth!

Yesterday, our Zachary received his first award at school. It was for character...isn't that fitting? We are so proud of our newest "Toucan"!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This has been rattling around in my head for awhile now. I can't stop thinking about death. It started when my good friend Monica died back in May. That was such a blow and I had never experienced such a sad, untimely death that close to me before. I still think about her everyday. About her husband and son. About how she should be here with them.

My Grandfather died suddenly in November. He was more like a Father to me. I spent much of my life with he and my Grandma. I always told Craig that I dreaded the day I lost one of them. And then the call came. I couldn't really believe my ears. It was the first time I have ever received a call like that. The first time that I had lost someone in my family. To that point I still had all 4 Grandparent's, all my Aunts and Uncles, all siblings...everyone. I couldn't even take it in. I think about him everyday. All of a sudden something will make me burst into's always there on the surface. Waiting to bubble over.

A week ago, I found out a woman who's blog I read, died a sudden, tragic death. I found out about her through another friend's blog. I noticed her on the top of her blog list. She stuck out to me because she had 3 boys. She stuck out because she had become pregnant again and lost her baby girl nearly half way through the pregnancy. My heart ached for her. I became hooked and enjoyed checking in to see what her crazy life with 3 boys was like as well. And then I became pregnant with Alexis. Shortly after she became pregnant again. I waited in anticipation to hear the sex of her baby and was overjoyed she was having a girl! Her baby, Bella, was born 3 months ago. Last week she went in to get her tubes tied. She didn't feel well and they found out her bowel had been perforated. She died just days after the surgery. She died from having a routine surgery. She left behind FOUR children! One of which still needs her mommy to feed her. She's gone just like that. I can't stop thinking about her. I can't stop the thoughts of fear that just keeping growing and growing in my mind. I don't know what to do with the fear, the finality. Why did Anna have to die?

And other stories I have heard through the past year that have stuck with me. Abby from "The Biggest Loser". She lost her husband, daughter and one week old son. Oh the pain. I can't imagine and yet that adds to my fears. While I was pregnant, hearing a woman died in her sleep while pregnant with her first child. Another died right after giving birth to her first daughter. I know we are supposed to trust in God but I am honestly finding that trust shaken. Oh how we prayed for Monica. She had an army praying for her. I just don't understand.

And I'm scared.

Weight Loss Check In

So I didn't check in here last week...and nobody asked me about it!;0) Not even sure anyone reads this too regularly anyway. BUT, the reason I didn't check in was because weigh in was cancelled. Why? Because of RAIN! Seriously and that was just day one of five straight days of down pour. Of all the things to cancel it for...I was really disappointed! Knowing how everyone is doing, how I'm doing really helps get through the next week. So I went yesterday. The scale for this weigh in has been about 2 pounds different then my home scale. Yesterday it was over 3 pounds different. I was so disappointed to see that number. I lost 2.8. I expected more. To see higher numbers on the scale is not good for the mental morale you know?

On a side note, I joined another competition through the kids school right after I had joined this one. It is only for 9 weeks and started one week after the other. There are only 10 of us compared to the 34 in the other competition. When I went to weigh in this morning, they confirmed that I had lost 4 1/2 pounds the past 2 weeks. It made me feel better to know that weight really was off and that my scale wasn't broken!

So, overall, I know I am doing well. I have not gone off track at all. I have been pushing myself to exercise. I am doing sit ups although have been battling a very stiff neck and think that may be the culprit. I can't even move it today. But on a happy note I at least did 125 sit ups last night!;0) My pants are a lot loser and I feel a lot better!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Tooth Fairy Strikes Again!

Last week we had a big event at our house...Zachary lost his very first tooth! The night before I saw it was loose and the next morning at breakfast it fell out! Simple and painless. He was super excited to leave it under his pillow and even more excited to find money there the next morning! It's burning a hole in his pocket and he can't wait to go to Target to spend it!

Alexis at 5 Months

Alexis turned 5 months old Monday night. Can hardly believe it!

*She has just started taking better naps!! It's not all of the time, or even consistent, but it's better. Tyler didn't start napping until 5 months so I kept that in the back of my mind. And boy is she like her biggest brother so it's no surprise she's following that pattern of his as well. Today I swaddled her (yes she is still being swaddled...another thing she has in common with Tyler) and just laid her in her bed. She fussed for less then a minute and fell asleep! She has done this a few times over the past week which gives me hope it may become a habit. I am SO excited about that!

*She is now sleeping until about 5:30 - 6:00 before she wants to eat again. Still feed her at 10:30 before we go to bed but she doesn't wake up. So she is basically sleeping from 8-8:30 to 5:30 or 6. Sometimes she goes back to sleep after that feeding and sometimes she decides to stay awake.

*She is a super smiley girl. Her whole face just beams when she smiles. She likes to screech and talk when she gets excited. She still yells when she doesn't see anyone. She kicks her legs in anticipation.

*She is getting better at grasping things but still drops whatever she's holding after about 30 seconds. She likes holding onto the ring links and gets a better grasp of those.

*She loves her fingers! She sticks them in her mouth, stares at them and goes cross eyed, holds onto them, licks them...she usually prefers them to any toy!

*Her love of ceiling fans continues. If one is not moving she will stare at it and make noises until someone moves it for her. Luckily she has 3 brothers who are happy to indulge her and can often be found switching them on and off. The beaming smiles that follow are priceless!

*She started playing in her stationary saucer this month. She really likes looking at the toys on it and is starting to play with some of them. She also still enjoys the Kick n Play bouncer and can be entertained for awhile in that.

*She loves nursing and would stay latched on all day if I let her! She moves her arms so much while eating though and if I don't hold her hand I often get pretty scratched up.

*She is still just rolling from stomach to back. She has no interest in being on her tummy and will flip as soon as placed on it. So it seems a good reason why she doesn't roll onto her tummy! She is really strong though and continues to do crunches. It looks like she is desperately trying to sit up!

*She's still spitting up even on the reflux medication. Sometimes with crazy force as it flies across the room!

*This month she will start rice cereal. It will be fun to see what she thinks about it!*Still in size one shoes, 2 diapers and 0-3 and 3-6 month clothing.

Our little girl is changing and growing so much! She is becoming more social and content. Right now though she is yelling at me on the floor, letting me know she is quite ready to be picked up! Until next time!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Weight Loss Week 1

So I have completed week one of the weight loss challenge. I went to weigh-in this morning and was very pleased with my results! I lost 6 pounds which is the most I have ever lost in a week! There are now over 30 women competing which is crazy! My goals for the 12 weeks are: 1. To not gain at any of the weigh-ins and 2. To lose at least 20 pounds.

So now to keep plugging away!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I'm Going to be a Big Fat Loser!!!

So I accepted the challenge. Even though I have to drive an hour 1 way to get there, I accepted. I have been so tired of the extra weight. When we moved to our new house 2 years ago, I steadily started to gain. 20 pounds to be exact. Then another 10 still hanging around from my last pregnancy. I needed motivation. I now have it! A group of girls are participating in a weight loss challenge. So far around 22 have joined. There is a lot of money at stake for the first place winner....over $1000.!! We have to pay $5 every week, another $5 if we don't make the Monday weekly weigh in and another $2 for every pound gained! Lot's of motivation!! To keep myself even more motivated I am going to record my progress here after every weigh in. Feel free to ask how I'm doing if I haven't posted. This is day 3 and I'm getting into the groove. It's hard to say no to all the goodies but I think I'm finding my determination. I'm excited to be a lot thinner and healthier in 12 weeks! Cheers to that!=0)