Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good Bye 20's.....

I am still trying to come to terms with the fact that I am....30. Don't really like saying it. Never thought I would have a problem with it but the fact of the matter is... it's WEIRD!! I don't really know how I got here. I think back on so many different people saying they are getting older but they don't feel 30,50, 60whatever. Physically yes, but in their heads they are still "younger". And a big part of my having a hard time grasping my 20's are no more is that I look like I'm 19. I get many eye rolls when I talk about that but it kind of messes with your head! When you have people come to the front door and ask if your parent's are home....yeah that's kind of weird. I wish I could say I still felt that young though. My 20's were pretty much made up of child birth. My first pregnancy began at 22 and I had my first baby at 23. Then nursing for a year and then pregnant again by 24 and so on. And capping it all off with another one at 29! All of these tough pregnancy's have taken a toll on my body and I just feel...old! So see the confusion?? Look young, feel old...not sure where the time has gone in the sleep deprived haze. But I have built my family in my 20's. What I look forward to most in my 30's is seeing my family grow. To meeting my baby girl! To letting my body heal and move on from childbirth! It will be interesting to see what comes with the next 10 years besides more wrinkles!=0)

To celebrate the occasion we had a get together at our house. Craig was an awesome husband and put together a group gift for me of a lap top! So fun! It was nice having my friends and family around me...not too big so it was pretty relaxing. It made me realize even more how many of my friends and family have moved away and that makes me sad. Craig put together a montage of recordings from family and friends that was super special!!! I so enjoyed hearing the voices of those who had moved away or could not be there! Thank you to everyone who recorded a message. It's something I will treasure forever!

Here are some pictures from that night!

We played Guitar Hero World Tour! So fun and we actually got some new participants! Thanks for trying it out Mom, Robert and Melinda!

My mom brought a pinata. The kids had fun with it and I even got to take a few hits and finish it off!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tyler Times

For a few months now I have been wanting to do a post on Tyler. He has been up to so many new things!

This week he lost his first front tooth! It was hanging from a thread by the time it came out! He looks super cute with the big gap...and it's a big one since he already had a gap between his front two teeth!

About a month ago he won another school award! We are so proud of him! Around that same time he was in his first school play..."A Rumpus in the Rain Forest!" Super cute. It was put on by the First Graders who were all dressed as different animals from the rain forest. Tyler was part of the "Sloth group" and they painted all of the kids faces. We really enjoyed watching him perform and he knew every line in the play (even all the ones that weren't his!)

He also started his first year of baseball and is LOVING it! The past 3 years he has thought soccer was OK but he really enjoys baseball! He looks forward to every game and practice! He has made huge improvements already since the start of the season and hits the ball every up! (The coaches pitch at this stage). This year he is on the "Yankees" and is number 10.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

20 Weeks...Half Way There!

Today I have hit the big milestone....20 weeks! I feel like that is a huge accomplishment but then I also feel like the end of August is soooo far away! For this week in the pregnancy I am just going to list thoughts, how I am feeling and anything else that pops into mind!=0)

1. Feeling better. More foods starting to sound manageable. Hoping everything sounds good sooner then later! (especially meat!)

2. Not losing weight any more and have gained a few pounds back!=0)

3. Tired and feeling rounder! Have also been sick the past few days...achy head, sinuses and throat!=0(

4. Really enjoy looking at the girl things I have acquired thus far. Go into my closet a few times a day to look at all the pretty girly things hanging in there!

5. Big event this morning...Tyler felt his sister kick for the first time!!! He is the first person to feel her other then me! He came into our room at just the right time, she gave me a few hard kicks and he was able to feel her last one! So exciting! (On a side note, Zachary was very upset he didn't feel her...hopefully soon!)

6. I feel the baby moving all throughout the day now. Sometimes harder then usual so that it makes me jump! Such an amazing thing to feel...I never tire of it!

7. Having a hard time naming this little girl. Go figure. But it turns out that there are SO many great names that now I have no idea how to settle on one and KNOW that it's THE one!

8. I love American Idol (no this has nothing to do with pregnancy!=0) )

9. I hate having to pee so often...and having THREE UTI's just in this pregnancy!!

10. I love being able to share this huge life event with my boys! Having them talk to my tummy, kiss it and say all together, "Good night baby girl!"

11. I really don't like not being able to sleep on my tummy!! I try... and then am promptly kicked from squishing her!;0)

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Meeting Bella

Well, we made it to Colorado and back...again! We were just there in December for an impromptu trip but this one has been planned for about a year. Main goal: To meet baby Bella!! The whole family has been anticipating her arrival and our trip to meet her! When we arrived Bella was 5 weeks old and the little doll we had envisioned! We were able to hold her, cuddle her, soothe her and I even fed her twice (with a bottle people ...no Salma here!) Zachary, staying true to his character, was always asking to "hold baby Bella". He had the same sweet expression when he held her as he did when he held Jacob. What a sweetie! Tyler enjoyed her as well and was happy to help get her paci when she needed it. Jacob...was Jacob. Liked to look at her, held her once, but then was just on the go!

We pretty much spent the week hanging out. We went to the Denver Zoo for a couple of hours to let the boys get some wiggles out! I truly love that Zoo! Everything is so close, easy to see and they have a great variety of animals. Every night we played Settlers of Catan...so much fun! On Wednesday, we went to Fort Collins to spend time with Craig's Mom, Grandma and brother. It was a good day. Thursday Melinda came over as she was in Denver for a conference. It was fun getting the chance for the 3 of us to hang out...we just needed Hillary!

And we ended up staying an extra day due to an impending storm expected to arrive Saturday, our planned date of departure. The boys were super happy about that and kept asking when the blizzard was coming. But, the storm ended up blowing into another state so we didn't even see much snow. The Rockies had gotten dumped on though so it was good we waited it out.

So it was a good trip. I am terribly sad that I won't see my little Bells until she's a much bigger girl though. I wish I could watch her grow from here instead of afar. She is such a beautiful little baby! Mommy needs to keep up on the pictures and I'm hoping for a blog in the near future!=0)

I can't wait to see them again!

Caught her smiling in her sleep right after we got there...happy to see us too!=0)

Our crew meeting her for the first time!

Tyler and Bella.

Jacob and Bella.

Zachary and Bella.

At the Denver Zoo.

I had so much fun dressing her up...can't wait until August when I can do it every day with my own living doll!

The day we left and Bella was now 6 weeks old!