Friday, May 20, 2011

Alexis at 21 Months

Still trying to fit these updates in as there are so many changes every month! This month she:

*Has moved up to size 5 shoes!

*Had her second Easter and her first Easter egg hunts. She LOVED hunting for the eggs!! When we went up to my parents the day before Easter, we had two hunts. We gave her a basket at the first one and she didn't want to let go. She hung on to it all morning, then all through the second hunt and we then had to to pry it from her at nap time which made her very unhappy! She was happy to be reunited when she woke up! She looked adorable in both of her Easter dresses! It is so much fun getting to dress her daily and then the Holidays are just icing on the cake!

*Is absolutely obsessed with her Little Einstein figurines. She walks around with them in her hands all day. This month she started coming up to us, handing us one, and then asking, "Play?" She moves them all around and makes cute humming sounds. And she loves when you kiss them, pretend they are kissing her, or making them kiss each other!

*She had her first plane ride this month. Just her and I went for a 4 day visit to see brand new baby RJ! She did pretty well all things considered but I am in no hurry to fly alone again! She had a lot of fun playing with Bella and checking the baby out. It was a really peaceful and enjoyable time! (Yes, peaceful even with 3 little ones 2 and under....!)

*Is now much more focused on TV. When we turn a cartoon on in the morning she gets all situated in her little chair, starts nodding her head up and down and says, "Watch?". She loves "Little Einsteins", "Dora", "The Cat and the Hat" and "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse".

*Now has a favorite full length movie, "Tangled". When we saw it in the theatre, it was the first movie she actually sat through and literally watched the whole thing. All other movies she has had to be taken out of the theatre, but not with "Tangled". Then about a month ago we watched it at home for the first time. She sat on Grandma's lap, and once again, watched the entire thing. I couldn't believe it! So when we went to Colorado, I decided I would bring it on the plane hoping it wasn't a fluke...and she again sat and watched it! My girl has very good taste as "Tangled" alllllmost takes first place for me against the long standing, "Beauty and the Beast". It's pretty darn close!;0)

*Still loves to sleep. She starts saying good night to everything in sight when she realizes she's going to bed. The balloon, pictures on the wall, every family member, the cute!

*She really likes our new fish. She will push the stool over to his tank and say, "Hi Ish! So cute!

*Has gotten worse about pulling out her hair stuff again. Such a bummer!

*Is somehow able to stash paci's while she's in her bed so that she can get to them later when she's out of her bed! Even when I look to make sure there are not any around she somehow still waltzes out with one at some point in the day. Silly girl!

*Has become obsessed with hairbrushes. She walks around saying "Brush? Brush?" She knows how to get into the drawer in my bathroom, that is taller then her, and fish around for a brush until she finds one. Therefore I find my brushes all over the house! About a week ago she climbed into bed with me, brush in hand. She started brushing my hair. Every time I turned to look at her though she would shove my head and yell, "No"! I was apparently disrupting her "brush time"! =)

The boys will often say that we have the cutest baby in the whole world...and I have to agree!=0)