Thursday, May 03, 2012


My Jakey Boy turned 6 years old last Saturday. Every time one of my children has a birthday, it makes me reflect. And as you hear most parents say, I wonder where the time has gone. I wonder how that tiny little baby is just about to finish Kindergarten. How he's learning to read, write, and do so many new things on his own.
I remember cuddling him in the NICU when he was in his first day of life. Hating that week in the hospital and just wishing more then anything, that I could take him home to his brothers. I remember what an amazingly sweet little bundle he was. Calm. Content. Peaceful. He nursed well, slept well and smiled willingly very early on. Now at six years old I wouldn't necessarily describe him that same way but he is funny, smart, strong willed, full of emotion, kind, intense, and has one of the cutest smiles around. He has a difficult personality yet he can charm you just the same. When he loves on you, he really loves on you. He feels everything super intensely...either way. And you always know exactly how he's feeling! And to this day he is still a great sleeper! At six years old Jacob has a strong, strong passion for all things Angry Birds and Scooby Doo. Not a day goes by that he doesn't beg to play Angry Birds on the ipad and to watch Scooby Doo. He loves his snacks and we are working on not asking for one every few minutes (he told me the other day that his stomach is just always hungry!). He still needs to take a nap and does so almost daily. He does OK missing a day but go more then that in a row and it doesn't get pretty. He has had a fantastic year in Kindergarten! We have been amazed at just how well behaved he is at school. He has gone the entire year only moving his clip down once...and that was a traumatic day for him. He prides himself on his good behavior at school. In his class they have the opportunity to move their clip up two times and he has done this almost every day and is still full of pride about it. His printing skills still surprise me, he writes so well for a little guy! And his reading skills are really starting to take off and before I know it, he will be plowing through books with his brothers! I'm thankful to God for each one of my unique children. I'm thankful for their lives and their health. My prayer for Jacob is to grow into a strong, confident man that has a great love for Jesus. I know that if he takes all of the determination he has and uses it in the right way, he will do just fine!


MamaBear said...

You're on a roll now! Jacob is a sweetie and we're so happy to know him!

Susie said...

He is a sweet boy indeed. I wish I could see that charmimg little smile more often. Love and hugs, Jakey!

libromom77 said...

Such a cutie! So glad to see him and all of you last weekend. Great party! Happy Birthday again, Jakey!