Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Life Bits

Yesterday I was able to get to Glen Ivy with my good friend Crystal. So very needed and with admission already pre paid, and a gift card saved for many years finally used for a massage, it was even better! Crystal and I never run out of things to talk about. One of the things that came up was blogging and how I think she does a terrific job with it and how I wished I had more time to put into it. She talked about a friend that has blogged every day of her child's life, no matter how long or short. It got me thinking that I should try and take that approach, just to get something about the day down, as often as I can. Especially having a phone capable of making that a lot more possible.

So, I am on my phone now while watching American Idol. The day was busy as usual. I was able to do some shopping, hurray for 40% off at Old Navy...that's how I like to shop!

At lunch time Craig, Alexis and I stocked up at SAM's Club and ate lunch there before doing so. Lexy was happy to have her own hot dog and huge lemonade! She's so crazy cute I just want to eat her up!

The school year is winding down and I can't believe that we are almost down to only 5 weeks left!! Those weeks are going to go by in flurry of activity with 3 kids and all the special events that are being planned for each of their performances, field trips, 4th grade Gold Rush Day, visiting 3 rooms for Open House, etc. I'm excited to enjoy those things with the boys and am even more excited about all the things we have planned for this summer. But that...will have to be left for another blog!;0)

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